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S. pimpinellifolium LA1589

Microdissected Ovary and Fruit Tissues

Laser-capture microdissection (LCM) was used to dissect S. pimpinellifolium ovaries at anthesis (0 DPA) and fruit at 4 DPA. Cryosections were used to dissect a total of 11 samples. Samples from the 0-DPA ovary comprised the ovules, placenta, septum, and pericarp. Samples from 4-DPA fruit included placenta, septum, and pericarp, plus the embryo, endosperm, seed coat, and funiculus from the developing seed. RNAseq analysis was performed on three biological replicates of each tissue type. Read counts per gene were expressed as reads per million mapped reads (RPM). More information about this dataset and the associated protocols are available at Pattison et al. 2015.

Raw reads are available at The Sequence Read Archive (SRA).

The drawings on this site were derived by tracing individual cells using Adobe Illustrator to create anatomically accurate drawings. This also allows different gene expression levels found in each tissue to be shown in the expression viewer.